Charity shines in difficult times. Please support St. Vincent's with your online donations. Pray for us and know that we pray for you who partner with St. Vincent's to assist those in need.

Volunteer Opportunities

Thrift Store Volunteer Positions

The St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store at 1117 North Callow Avenue is currently looking for volunteers in the areas listed below. The store provides funding for our charitable works and also training and jobs for over 30 employees and a place for thrifty shoppers and bargain hunters alike.
□ Up to 10 money counters to count daily receipts. Pick a day and bring a friend or we will provide you with a new friend. (We count in pairs).
□ 2 dish washers to clean and sort dishes for sale.
□ 2 or more electrical testers (from fry pans to stereos) to check operation and clean items for sale.
□ 1 or 2 large appliance testers (washers, dryers, etc.) to clean and check operation.
□ 1 or 2 yardage preparers to measure and roll material. This job can be done at the store or at home.
□ 1 artificial flowers preparer to clean and bunch flowers. This job can be done at the store or at home.
□ 1 Christmas tree lights worker to check operation, bundle and salvage lights. This job is done at home.
□ 1 religious items (includes books, rosaries, statues, etc.) worker to prepare items for sale. Some work could be done at home but most is done at the store.
□ 1 doll worker to clean and clothe dolls for sale. This is an excellent job for a parent to do with their children in their own home.
□ 1 to 2 small engine workers to clean and check operation of lawn mowers, weed eaters, chainsaws, etc.
□ 1 worker needed to sort and count small items such as buttons and beads. This job can be done at the store or at home.
□ Up to 5 store greeters to welcome shoppers, escort them to various departments and show them items from under the counters.
□ 1 computer person to determine the value of various items using the internet.

Stella Maris Women’s Shelter Volunteer Positions 

The Stella Maris Women’s Shelter office is located at 1137 North Callow Avenue. The shelter provides housing for up to 17 women and their dependent children. The following are ways to volunteer at the Shelter.
□ 1 shelter dinner coordinator to seek out volunteers who would be interested in cooking a meal for our residences on a monthly basis.
□ 4 to 6 volunteers to clean the shelter on a quarterly basis.

Assistance Office & Food Bank Volunteer Positions

The Assistance Office is located at 1137 North Callow Avenue. Volunteers are needed to prepare food baskets and other assistance to approximately 35 individuals and families each day. Help us to help others by volunteering for any of the following positions.
□ 4 to 6 interviewers to determine the needs of individuals requesting assistance.
□ 4 to 6 food room workers to stock and prepare food baskets.
□ 1 or 2 workers to clean facilities and sort and stock items.